Tooth Veneers in North Royalton, OH

At Beachwood Dental, our porcelain veneers are guaranteed to significantly brighten your smile for years to come. With proper care and our high-quality materials, our dental veneers are the optimal solution for restoring tooth appearance and putting the confidence back in your smile.

If you are interested in cosmetic veneers that will improve your smile for well over a decade, Beachwood Dental can help you. Located in Beachwood, Ohio, our practice serves the entire Cleveland area, providing the best top and bottom veneers in Cleveland. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Why Dental Veneers Might Be Right for You

Due to their simplicity and versatility, dental veneers are becoming an increasingly popular solution for correcting gaps between teeth and for teeth that are stained or crooked, helping to achieve a brighter smile.

Additional benefits of our porcelain veneers include:

  • Highly resistant to coffee, tea, and cigarette stains
  • Virtually undetectable when bonded to the tooth
  • Superior strength and appearance to other restorative options
  • Ability to take on color of natural underlying tooth
  • Crafted from the highest quality porcelains and bonded with the most advanced materials available

Whether you are interested in front teeth veneers, bottom teeth veneers, or both, our practice can provide exactly what you need.

Dr. Mikhli will ensure that you are receiving only the best care and most proven materials available. For more information about the added benefits our Cleveland porcelain veneers can bring to your smile, reach out to our team today.

Our Cosmetic Veneer Process

At Beachwood Dental, our cosmetic veneer procedures require a total of three appointments.

The Three-Step Process for the Best Cosmetic Veneers in North Royalton

  1. The first appointment typically involves discussing the corrective limitations of the procedures and we work closely with the patient to plan their desired smile outcome.

  2. In the second appointment, the teeth are buffed lightly to allow for the additional added thickness of the porcelain veneer. This appointment generally takes about one to two hours and approximately one-half of a millimeter of tooth is removed. This part of the process often requires little to no local anesthesia. Once the buffing is complete, we take a mold of the teeth and send it to the lab for design.

  3. During the third appointment, we will initially place the veneer to test the fit and color using water or glycerin. Once the color is selected and the porcelain veneer is ready to be applied to the tooth, we utilize chemicals to achieve a bond between the veneer and the tooth.

If after your final appointment you find yourself experiencing any sort of sensitivity, this is completely normal and should disappear in about two weeks’ time.

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If you are looking for a simple and versatile way to significantly improve your smile, our dental veneers are the perfect solution for you. We offer the best veneers in the Cleveland area that serve as a cosmetic treatment for crooked, stained, or gapped teeth.

Beachwood Dental, proudly serving Cleveland, Ohio, offers a number of other dental services for the whole family. Whether you are in need of implants, fillings, crowns, or teeth whitening, our team can help you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!